As part of our 'UKERC at 20' celebrations we have produced a series of case studies that show how UKERC has made a difference to UK energy research and policy over the current funding period. It explains why each one is important, what the impacts are, and provides underpinning evidence.

UKERC has a strong track record in achieving impact, a track record which has been built upon in each of our four funding phases, which now span 20 years.

Over successive phases UKERC has achieved high levels of impact by delivering interdisciplinary whole systems energy research to inform and underpin decision making by policy, industry and civil society.

In our current funding period (Phase 4, 2019-2024) we have continued to build upon this, delivering research that has real and measurable impact on the UK energy landscape and beyond. This has been a particular priority in the current period, during which we have sought to help respond
to security and equity concerns arising from the energy crisis.

In this publication we outline a series of case studies that show how we have made a difference to UK energy research and policy. We explain why each one is important, what the UKERC impacts are, and provide underpinning evidence. These case studies illustrate the breadth and depth of UKERC’s impact. This ranges geographically from global initiatives, through national policy making, to the regional/local levels. UKERC’s impact also encompasses all key stakeholder groups from government and industry to international organisations and community groups.

UKERC’s research evidence and iterative impact is co-produced through active consultation with key research users and stakeholders in variety of ways. This interactive approach and close working relationships with practitioners is key to the high levels of impact we currently enjoy.