The UKERC podcast

30 Jun 2021

From exploring topical issues impacting the energy sector, to presenting the latest findings from the UK Energy Research Centre, The UKERC Podcast explores current energy matters and cutting edge research. Featuring different guests each week, the team at UKERC explore key developments from within the energy sector.

Episode 1: Brexit implications for net zero

In this inaugural episode, UKERC Director, Prof. Rob Gross, is joined by Caroline Kuzemko, Associate Professor at University of Warwick, and Antony Froggatt from Chatham House, to discuss the findings from their recent policy brief, which focuses on the potential impacts of Brexit on the UK’s decarbonisation targets.

Covering questions such as ‘will Brexit impact energy prices’, and ‘should we expect to see new interconnectors built’, it provides a snapshot of the current state of play for the evolving UK-EU energy relationship post Brexit and highlights key areas that need urgent attention.

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Episode 2: Green on green impacts

In the second installment of our new ‘Talking Energy’ podcast, Dr. Steve Carver from the University of Leeds joins Jessica Bays, UKERC’s Head of Communications and Policy to discuss green on green impacts, with a focus on onshore wind.