The Energy Crisis and the UK-EU Relationship

01 Dec 2022

In this podcast, Matt Hinde, Head of European Affairs at National Grid, joins Antony Froggatt and Caroline Kuzemko to discuss the UK and EU energy relationship in the context of the current energy crisis. The episode was recorded in November and looks at how the UK and the EU are trying to phase down gas use, the deployment of renewables, energy interconnectors, and the importance of trade and cooperation.

Guest biographies:

Matt Hinde is Head of European Affairs at National Grid and is also a Board Member at the British Chamber of Commerce – EU and Belgium.

Antony Froggatt is an energy policy consultant and a senior research fellow at Chatham House, and senior researcher in the UKERC ‘Energy in a Global’ Context theme.

Caroline Kuzemko is an Associate Professor in the University of Warwick’s Politics and International Studies department. She is Deputy Leader of the research theme ‘Energy in a Global Context’, and PI of the ‘Beyond Brexit: UK Zero Carbon Energy Policy’ project.

Listen to the podcast here.