In November 2022 we launched the second series of our popular podcast ‘Talking Energy’. The podcast explores topical issues impacting the energy sector and shares the latest findings from the UK Energy Research Centre.

Series 2

Episode 1: Exploring the Energy Crisis with Joanne Wade and Charles Hendry

Published on November 9th 2022. UKERC Director Rob Gross is joined by Joanne Wade and Charles Hendry to explore the implications of the current energy crisis. They touch on a number of topics including the energy price freeze, the lack of a public energy efficiency campaign and the importance of international collaboration. Listen here.

Episode 2: The Energy Crisis and the UK-EU Relationship

Published on December 1st 2022. In this podcast, Matt Hinde, Head of European Affairs at National Grid, joins Antony Froggatt and Caroline Kuzemko to discuss the UK and EU energy relationship in the context of the current energy crisis. The episode was recorded in November and looks at how the UK and EU are trying to phase down gas use, energy interconnectors, the deployment of renewables, and the importance of trade and cooperation. Listen here.

Episode 3: Evaluating UK Industrial Decarbonisation

Published on February 2nd 2023. In this podcast, UKERC Director Rob Gross is joined by Emma Piercy of the Food and Drink Federation, and Laith Whitwham of the Aldersgate Group, to discuss industrial decarbonisation. There has been lots of focus on the impact of the energy crisis on households, but what about impacts on industry? This podcast takes stock of UK industrial decarbonisation, it explores the impact of the energy crisis, current and future energy support mechanisms, and looks at the wider international context. It highlights the importance of decoupling gas and electricity prices to bring down energy costs, and the importance of a consistent and supportive regulatory framework. Listen here.