This project aims to establish an interdisciplinary community of practice of energy researchers and educators with a breadth across whole systems to co-create and share learning materials (content) and pedagogical methods (case studies) focussed on energy. It will engage with a diverse range of module leaders, programme managers and educators of energy related programmes, and with industry, policy makers and other stakeholders. Success will be judged by the following objectives: a more connected energy teaching community in the UK that better appreciates the benefits of whole systems understanding in teaching; a community of practice that enhances multi-disciplinarity in energy education; a far better visibility of women within energy education and learning material.

We are passionate about energy education, and believe an online community of practice will enhance opportunities to share experience, learn and collaborate with colleagues across different disciplines and sectors.


An online survey will be circulated in the 2nd half of November 2018 to gauge the wider community’s views on areas for the community of practice to initially focus.

Through the survey we will also seek views on running an inaugural energy education workshop in early 2019 focussed on whole systems approaches to energy programmes.


Project contact: Dr Grant Wilson, University of Birmingham (