Inaugural TeachEnergy workshop

28 Mar 2019

As we approach the end of this year’s teaching, we are counting down to the inaugural TeachEnergy workshop to start to create a community of practice around teaching energy.

We hope this is the start of an annual event, and this year’s will take place on the 21st of May and is open to anyone with an interest in energy teaching and learning.

We are delighted to welcome Bob Everett to give the keynote on ‘What has changed in teaching energy over the years? A longer-term view’. He has been involved in teaching energy for a significant length of time e.g. the Open University course on Energy in the Home started in 1978.

The rest of the agenda provides opportunities for sharing case studies and a series of round robin discussions on:

  • Technology for teaching and collaboration – what do people use – what’s on the horizon?
  • How do we increase diversity in teaching energy?
  • Sharing teaching and learning materials: methodology and implications


If this is of interest – then please sign up using this link.

There are a range of ticket types – one to attend in person, one to attend remotely, and one to express an interest to present a case study. Please choose any that apply.

Our aim is to try out some technology/approaches on the day to make remote participation a more enabling experience – so if you cannot make it in person – please consider this route as it would be great to get feedback on how successful this has been.