Project 1 will establish the baseline of existing knowledge on which the ADVENT research programme needs to build; extend and combine existing conceptual frameworks, and make key decisions regarding the appraisal mechanisms and energy pathways to be investigated further.


Activities will be structured around a series of four workshops – 

  1. conceptualising the role of energy in ecosystem services (ES) and natural capital frameworks and developing these as necessary,
  2. approaches to modelling and option appraisal in the energy and valuing nature communities,
  3. the ‘state of the art’ regarding UK energy pathways through to 2030/2050, and
  4. metrics for a holistic assessment of natural capital in energy pathways. 

In undertaking these reviews the project will build upon the experience of the partners in previous and ongoing projects (e.g. UKERC, VNN/VNP, NEA/NEAFO and SPLiCE).  The project will build upon recent reports that cover a range of aspirations and feasibility. For instance, these are anticipated to include options discussed in the Committee on Climate Change 4th Carbon Budget Review, a recent National Grid report and those currently being developed in the pathways theme of UKERC Phase 3. The selection of pathways will also be important in terms of identifying the generation technologies and other changes that need to be evaluated in subsequent phases of the research. These will be considered in conjunction with ES pathways such as the 25 Year Plan forthcoming from the UK Natural Capital Committee. 


Activities in Project 1 will be critical to framing the overall science aim of the programme as well as contributing directly to certain specific objectives.  The outputs from the workshops will be written up as a set of working papers both as a stand-alone research contribution on conceptualising the energy-ES interdependencies and to establish a more detailed framework for the subsequent work programme, including the activities of PhD students in Project 3 and the main assessment in Projects 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

Workshop Report: Integrating Conceptual Frameworks of Energy Systems and Ecosystems ServicesWorkshop Report: Approaches to Modelling and Option Appraisal in the Energy and Valuing Nature CommunitiesWorkshop Report: The ‘State of the Art’ Regarding UK Energy Pathways Through to 2030/2050Workshop Report: Metrics for a Holistic Assessment of Natural Capital in Energy Pathways