Energy modelling plays a vital role in the transition to a net zero economy and contributes to energy security, with models underpinning decision making across policy, industry and civil society.

However, the energy sector remains one of the least gender diverse and women are significantly underrepresented in the energy modelling research area. Therefore, it is essential to build a network with multiple resources to encourage women from different disciplines and sectors to join energy modelling research and application.

This project will open doors for women throughout the energy community, including academic researchers, companies along the energy supply chain, policymakers in both central and local government, NGOs and practitioners.


To achieve EDI in energy modelling, the project includes three work packages:

  1. Build a network of women in energy modelling from different disciplines (e.g. social sciences, engineering and economics) and sectors (e.g. local authorities, industry and NGOs).
  2. Establish a platform with open learning resources to provide a quick and fun way to become familiar with energy modelling and to enable discussion among a peer community.
  3. Host a series of events with hands-on learning, mentorship by energy modelling practitioners and a supportive peer community to enable more women to use energy models to solve practical problems.

Outputs and impacts

The anticipated outputs include:

  • A social media group for connection building and future discussion among the peer community.
  • An online platform with open learning resources (e.g. reports, publications, presentations) on multiple energy models and fundamental trainings to get started.
  • A series of events with bespoke mentorship from professional energy modelling practitioners and a long-term mentorship scheme beyond the lifetime of this project.

This project will have wide-ranging impacts on the energy community, especially for its initial members, through the creation of a network to encourage female participation from different disciplines, sectors and backgrounds, while delivering multiple open learning resources in a supportive environment.

It will also add new capabilities to the UK energy research community and its wider stakeholders through the development of skilled personnel and an advancement of EDI. We hope to learn lessons that apply beyond the UK to create impact on an international scale.


The Energy Modelling for All project has its own website, which can be accessed here: