Webinar: Mapping the Landscape of Public Attitudes Towards Low-Carbon Heating Technologies

25 Jan 2024

In this UKERC webinar, we presented and debated evidence from a new nationally representative survey of over 2,000 respondents in Britain regarding their views on the future of low-carbon heating.

Decarbonisation of domestic heating is one of the most important priorities for building a secure future UK energy system, as well as a topic of increasing policy debate. It is also an issue which raises significant questions over public acceptability. Participants in the survey were asked about public awareness, support for different technologies, trust in institutional actors, and views on different policy options.

Following a presentation of results by the research team, discussants reflected on the policy implications of the study, and the webinar concluded with panellists responding to questions from attendees.


  • Dr Jess Britton (UKERC / University of Edinburgh)

UKERC presenters/panellists:

  • Prof. Nick Pidgeon (Cardiff University)
  • Dr Will Smith (Cardiff University)
  • Dr Christina Demski (University of Bath)


  • Dr Alexa Spence – School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
  • Tom Ford – Senior Policy Advisor, Strategic Heat Decisions (Clean Heat Directorate), Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

A report presenting findings from the survey can be found on the UKERC website here: https://ukerc.ac.uk/publications/public-attitudes-low-carbon-heat-technologies/

Watch a recording of the webinar here: