Next week’s conference: a series of firsts

09 Jun 2022

The UKERC research conference will have a series of firsts this year. It will be the first UKERC conference since the pandemic, the first hybrid UKERC conference, and the first chance for the community to debate the Net Zero Strategy.

The publication of the strategy in October 2021 was a key step for the UK because we have a plan to achieve deep emission cuts for the first time. But it has received a mixed reception for both the quality and breadth of the plan, and Friends of the Earth and ClientEarth are bringing a Judicial Review over a perceived lack of firm commitments. We are thrilled to announce that Niall Kerr, Senior Lawyer at Friends of the Earth will be delivering our first keynote address. Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester will be delivering our second keynote on the 13th June.

We’ve planned a broad range of sessions to debate the key questions and challenges, and to consider how we can put net zero into action.  We’ll have a strong focus on energy security by debating both the global energy crisis and whether the UK should invest in new nuclear generation.  We’ll consider how a transition can be equitable and will delve into the role of consumers, the public sector and industry.  We’ll explore infrastructure needs and how to unlock innovation, skills and supply chains.  We’ll explore the role of negative emission technologies and the questions they raise about land use and the need to meet environmental objectives other than greenhouse gas reductions.  We’ll also consider whether a greater focus on low energy demand rather than technological solutions could benefit the UK.

I’m really excited at the range and knowledge of our speakers! I think it’s a ‘Who’s Who’ of UK energy research, from universities, the public sector and companies.  There’s going to be some fascinating debates and some deep insights into the future of energy in the UK.

With our in-person tickets sold out I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in Manchester.  But don’t worry if you can’t attend in person because you can also join online and have until Friday to sign up. We’ve been careful to ensure that people joining remotely will be fully involved in the conference through the chat and Q&A in each session.  It’s going to be great!

Professor Paul Dodds is chair of the conference steering committee.

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