New hydrogen data on the Energy Data Centre

15 Jan 2020

Hydrogen is likely to be an increasingly important fuel component in the future. The £3.5m High Hydrogen project was designed to advance the safe design and operation of gas turbines, reciprocating engines and combined heat and power systems using hydrogen-based fuels.

The High Hydrogen project seeks to identify the safe limits for use of higher levels of hydrogen in the feedstock to combustion plant utilising heat recovery plant and if necessary develop safety standards to support the findings of the project.

The High Hydrogen project tested the combustion of high hydrogen fuel mixtures in a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine and the data are available to all in the UKERC Energy Data Centre. Phase 1 of the project included 69 Circular Duct texts and 17 tests with a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). A further 59 HRSG tests were carried out in Phase 2 and the results are now in the EDC, completing the data set.

High Hydrogen was funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). The Energy Data Centre holds a number of data sets from the ETI including studies into bioenergy crops and carbon capture and storage opportunities. The High Hydrogen data are available here.