Enhanced Energy Research Data Discoverability

08 Nov 2023

Data is an important output of research projects, and the Energy Data Centre(EDC) works with our research colleagues to ensure that data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR), enhancing the long term potential of that data.

We hold curated datasets on behalf of UKERC researchers and other energy researchers and have an extensive collection of metadata records to other energy related datasets and collections held in other repositories. As an outcome of these updates, with clearer information on data licenses the EDC is registered in Re3Data, the worldwide tool for finding data repositories.

We continue to support the community to make data well managed and FAIR. More information on FAIR and other data management topics is available from the EDC About pages.

Finding content

The Energy Data Centre is pleased to announce improvements to searching, browsing and filtering so that it is easier to find relevant data for use and reuse.


Figure 1: Simplified search box

The content can now be browsed by region, energy category and subject matter as well as specific projects.


Figure 2 Browse options available for data

We have improved the visual branding of the different types of dataset to help our users see at a glance whether the data is held in the EDC. The information page on each dataset has clearer information on the license and the layout has been updated to make information easier to find on the page.  The results can be filtered by a range of options, including the date of the content, and whether a specific year is included within the dataset range.


Figure 3 Results list with filtering options. Note the different icons for data locations

Adding new content

The submission process for both curated datasets and suggestions for linked datasets has been streamlined and simplified. We welcome data from all researchers, you don’t need to be a UKERC supported researcher to deposit data with the EDC. Please do not hesitate to contact us, either using the data submission forms or emailing edcmanager@stfc.ac.uk

We will be working on updating functionality for other parts of the service, working first on the options on our home page and then functionality around our grey literature publications.

We welcome comments and suggestions for improvements