UKERC energy modelling survey

14 Jan 2021

Analysis of the energy transition is dominated by energy modelling, so – like them or loathe them – energy models are here to stay.

We believe that transparency is key to ensure the implications (and limitations) of energy models are fully understood by decision makers. This transparency covers three key areas:

  • How the model is managed: who built it, who funds it, how open is it?
  • What is in the model: how does it solve, how does it deal with time and space, what sectors and technologies does it cover?
  • What are the model’s inputs and outputs: what external drivers it uses, what key insights it gives, what impacts has it had?

So, to facilitate greater understanding of the breadth of energy models in use, and to increase transparency we have launched a ground-breaking survey of all the energy models in the UK.

Take the survey here

This is coordinated via UKERC’s Energy Modelling Hub, which is advised by a Steering Group of key stakeholders (UKRI, BEIS, Scottish Government, Northern Ireland Government, Committee on Climate Change, Energy Systems Catapult, and the National Infrastructure Commission).

The major findings will be initially communicated by putting interactive diagrams/tables on the UKERC website. Contributing modelling teams and our Steering Group will receive further in-depth analysis of the range of UK energy models.