Ioanna Ketsopoulou

Ioanna Ketsopoulou

UKERC Research Associate

0203 108 7528

Ioanna Ketsopoulou joined UKERC as a Research Assistant in 2012 and in 2014 she was promoted to the role of Research Associate. She is part of the Research Coordination team and supports the development of UKERC’s research programme.

Ioanna is also conducting research on energy system transitions and the implications of low, medium and high carbon pathways for the UK energy system as part of UKERC’s ‘Future Energy System Pathways’ theme.

Ioanna has a background in civil engineering and holds a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Building Technology from the University of Nottingham. She specialises in low carbon buildings, energy efficient renovation of the existing building stock and microgeneration technologies. Previous experience includes various energy and sustainability consultancy roles in industry.