UKERC Landscapes are a valuable source of information for a particular energy topic.  They are compiled by domain experts in the field and cover what research and development is being undertaken, both within the UK and wider international activities.  The Landscape, where appropriate, covers the broad range of R&D from basic blue skies to demonstration and provides comprehensive information.

They are a good starting point to understand the current state of the topic and to find relevant projects, consortia and UK institutions who are researching the topics.  Their comprehensive nature is demonstrated by the fact that they are large documents.

This UKERC   Landscape provides an overview of the competencies and publicly funded activities in whole systems energy research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) in the UK. It covers the main funding streams, research providers, infrastructure, and networks.

The Whole Systems Research Landscape was written by Dr Antti Silvast, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture; Associate Fellow at Durham Energy Institute (DEI).