A project to identify women working in energy and whole systems energy research, and to run a series of online and offline networking events to highlight the capacity of women in the energy sector.


This project aims to scope the energy sector for women representatives and invite them to join the Women's Whole Energy Systems Research and Industry Network (WERIN). They will create an accessible platform for networking and collaboration for women within the energy sector throughout the UK.

UKERC is interested in how this project can provide support for people organising events and conferences to ensure a gender balance across speakers and panellists. Currently the UK does not make use of full capacity in the energy sector.


The project will build a user-friendly, online platform that will highlight the skills and research interests of each of the members. Once a network group has been established, the project will host a number of virtual and physical networking events throughout the UK.

The events will provide a chance for attendees to discuss the state of gender diversity and women-friendly approaches of the energy sector. This will help to identify what support and development the members feel is needed, providing a roadmap for improvement going forward.