Energy system modelling at local scales

The aim of this project is to understand the engineering and, hence, cost impacts of findings from the Decision Making programme. With insights only now beginning to emerge from a number of Low Carbon Networks Fund projects (LCNF) and some of the new ideas being explored in Supergen networks projects, engineering analysis and judgment must be applied to articulate appropriate costs and constraints for energy system modelling.

This project will perform analysis of local energy systems that can improve their representation in whole energy system models and system balancing studies. The project will also draw on experience from LCNF projects regarding interactions of energy utilities with local institutions. This will be complemented by a co-funded project with the ETI on Local Engagement in Energy System Development led by Prof Jan Webb at the University of Edinburgh.

It will examine in detail why some Local Authorities have played a leading role in local energy system development, and the conditions under which a larger group of ‘follower’ Authorities could step up their levels of activity. It will focus on the role of business models (to inform the Decision Making programme), and will model the scaling up process (and will inform the Modelling spatial and temporal diversity in a whole energy system assessment project).

Project outputs:

Final report: What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems

Pilot study report: Local Engagement in UK Energy Systems

Highlights from early findings: Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems

Guest blog: Local Authorities play key role in providing clean energy for all