Utilising results from the energy security analysis in the Future Energy System Pathways programme (particularly the Full Spectrum Security & Resilience Analysis project) and building on UKERC research on intermittency by the TPA team that is being updated in UKERC latest work programme, this project will model energy balancing in Britain arising from demand for both electricity and heat and the generation of electricity. It will give particular consideration to the impact of wind variability on the gas system plus the potential for demand side and interconnector contributions to system balancing. Going beyond previous work, work led by Prof Richard Green at Imperial College will assess the possible benefits of new ancillary services or ways of trading electricity to facilitate innovative service provision. Among the innovations underpinning the analysis will be enhanced modelling of wind availability. The results will then be taken up in the second cycle of pathways analysis, and will also be used to identify opportunities for further TPA projects in this area.