The overarching aim of this project is to assess and improve existing practice of quantifying the impact of resources (e.g. fossil fuels, materials and bioenergy) on the environment. The work is examining two specific areas of interest.

  1. The first area involves collaboration with the economic work being undertaken under the Energy and Economy project, and ecosystem scientists at the University of Southampton, to quantity the implications for water use and ecosystems of different energy system developments. Initial work is assessing the possibility of linking the WATER-GAP model to TIAM-UCL, and working to incorporate in the modelling the insights from the recently completed SPLiCE (Sustainable Pathways to Low-Carbon Energy) project, which was funded by Defra.
  2. The second area aims to analyse how methods for resource estimation and assessment of impacts of resource consumption activities can be developed and deployed to provide relevant information for investors and policy makers. This work will liaise with the recently awarded (NERC-funded) ADVENT ((Addressing Valuation of Energy and Nature Together) and other initiatives related to complexity in the ‘nexus’.