Networking and skills-building events for women in the energy sector, with a particular focus on connecting researchers with policy-makers.


This project, run by Green Alliance in collaboration with Green Alliance’s Associate Rebecca Willis, aims to encourage collaboration between early-career women in the energy sector from the policy, industry and academic communities. They will support these women in identifying opportunities for policy influencing based on areas of common interest and expertise around energy policy issues that participants will have identified as challenges for the wider energy community.

Given the pressing challenges of decarbonisation, this project will seek to increase the visibility of expert female investigators in policy discussions in a gender-balanced way to encourage new voices, new ideas, and new discussions. This project will draw on the work of WERIN, and expertise in the broader energy research community, to develop relevant topics and identify potential contributors.


Building on the collaborative work of groups of participants, the project will support up to four outreach events for the benefit of the wider energy community. These outreach events will be used to achieve the second objective of designing and executing policy relevant discussions and share learning. Academics will gain better insight in engaging and influencing the policy community, and policy makers will gain further knowledge of energy research.