Place has been identified as a key foundation of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, with the aim of reducing local and regional economic and social disparities.  In response, mayoral combined authorities (MCAs) and local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) are developing local industrial strategies (LISs).

This project will examine how these LISs can contribute to delivering on the UK’s low carbon agenda. We will draw-on and extend previous qualitative and quantitative analysis in England and Wales and compare this with the results of similar research that is being undertaken in Germany, Japan and China.  The research will involve close collaboration with MCAs, LEPs and companies and will involve interviews, deliberative workshops and pathways/scenarios informed by a range of tools and modelling techniques.

The first phase will undertake background research including a literature review and engagement with industries, MCAs and LEPs etc. in at least two regions to understand the current status of the strategies. This will be accompanied by a workshop to share perspectives with international colleagues.

The second phase of the research will then explore and reflect on the usefulness of a variety of models or tools (including those developed elsewhere in the UKERC programme) to inform and enhance the LISs.