Looking towards a global picture of community energy resilience in an unpredictable world: on-grid, mini-grid and stand-alone systems


This project, led by Loughborough University and Oxford Policy Management, aims to establish research collaborations to develop a global picture of what effective community energy resilience looks like in the face of different kinds of shock and stresses (e.g., disasters; socio-economic and political shock), and in different political and social contexts.

One major focus is on opportunities to increase community energy resilience in on-grid, mini-grid and stand-alone electricity systems in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, but they will also seek links with expertise on grids in UK or other developed countries to round-out our global picture and seek mutual learnings.

Our hope is this will inform thinking both about the kind of research and development questions in the field that need answers, as well as planning and investment activities undertaken by individuals and groups responsible for, or effected by, grid resilience in an unpredictable environment.


The project brings together social science perspectives on governance; economic modelling; and engineering expertise on designing resilient infrastructure. The project will consist of three workshops to engage with researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in the UK, South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Other outputs will include a webinar, working paper and briefing paper.