A series of workshops to co-produce recommendations that incorporate diverse perspectives from stakeholders across the energy sector in relation to a specific Bill being put to the House of Lords.


This project, coordinated by Environmental Defense Fund Europe (EDF), aims to broaden and deepen participation of researchers, NGOs, industry, the civil service and other interested parties in the political decision making process on new electric charging infrastructure in the UK.


EDF will convene a series of diverse cross-stakeholder workshops to coproduce recommendations for amendments to the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, which aims to improve the network of charging points for electric vehicles in the UK.

UKERC is interested in the expertise EDF has in bringing high quality science to support legislative activity on environmental issues in the USA and China. Coproducing recommendations on a specific piece of legislation helps to develop best practice going forward for similar policy interventions.

Coproducing with a variety of stakeholders ensures that the most up to date research from a range of disciplines, as well as knowledge that exists outside of academia, is incorporated into the UK’s plans for new electric charging infrastructure.