UKERC participates in Energy Knowledge eXchange™ launch

06 Jun 2018
The Energy Knowledge eXchange™ (EKX) set up by Energy Systems Catapult is a new collaborative resource to help innovators access knowledge and find research outcomes quickly and easily.

Delivered in collaboration with UKERC, the Energy Data Centre, and other stakeholders, the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) has delivered a platform facilitating SMEs free access to valuable information. EKX™ acts as a platform for innovators to find support networks, collaborate, explore sources of funding and build productive partnerships..

EKX™ saves time and money by signposting resources using its digital index service. Innovators can explore summaries of existing knowledge and unlock hidden data, helping overcome innovation barriers, avoid dead ends and access the latest solutions and insights.

By analysing content on users’ webpages and responding to users’ searches, EKX signposts related information, making knowledge more accessible without users needing to know specific terminology or industry jargon. In this way EKX™ complements everyday search engines, but is adaptive and tailors the knowledge landscape to each user.

Jim Halliday, UKERC Co-Director, said:

We are pleased to be working with the Energy Systems Catapult in this major energy information and data sharing collaboration. The creation of the EKX platform will allow energy SME’s to quickly and easily access the wealth of information and data already available in the Energy Data Centre, and to find collaborators particularly in academia.

We look forward to continuing to work with EKX and further expand the exchange of energy information and data.”

Eric Brown, Director of Innovation at ESC, said:
We are pleased to mark the public launch of EKX™ to the energy industry.

Through many consultations, energy innovators and SMEs told us that invaluable information already exists across many websites and databases, but getting access can be difficult and time consuming.

In response, together with our key partners, and with support from Innovate UK, we have created a collaborative tool which connects the dots and unlocks valuable resources.

We expect this to grow and evolve over time. I’d encourage all energy innovators to sign-up for the advanced EKX™ releases.

The EKX™ service appeals directly to energy innovators, including SME’s as well as businesses of all sizes and roles. Its signposts can already be found across thousands of web pages, whilst further resources are continually updated by industry stakeholders including the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), The Energy Data Centre, Energy Networks Association (ENA), The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC).

Energy Innovators can sign up to get EKX™ advanced editions for free here. Knowledge Providers can also benefit by joining the EKX™ Forum – giving access to the EKX™ Portal. For information and updates on EKX™, sign up here.

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