UK Energy Resilience: Prices, Emissions and Supply this Winter

08 Nov 2022

The energy crisis is having a global impact. It has generated much debate around where we source energy, how we use it and how to protect consumers who are struggling to pay their bills.

In response to these issues, we co-hosted an event with the Energy Institute and the Royal Academy of Engineering, which considered the implications of the crisis on prices, consumers and security of supply. This is the second of two events exploring the energy crisis. In May, we looked at both short- and long-term actions, and with the European heating season almost upon us this webinar focused on immediate impacts and the coming winter.

It covers the following areas:

  • Price – the impact of the government’s recent policy announcements on consumers this winter.
  • Emissions – the impact of the government’s recent policy announcements on the UK’s emissions.
  • Europe – responses from other European economies and areas for collaboration.



  • Joanne Wade, Association for Decentralised Energy
  • Rob Gross, UKERC Director
  • David Joffe, the Climate Change Committee
  • Antony Froggatt, Chatham House
  • Elizabeth Blakelock, Citizen’s Advice
  • Juliet Phillips, E3G