Tribute paid to Audrey Gallacher OBE

26 Jan 2022

We are deeply sorry to learn of the passing of our Advisory Board member, Audrey Gallacher OBE, who died on Saturday 22 January after a long battle with cancer.

Audrey joined as a member of the Advisory Board in 2019, fulfilling these duties alongside those of her role of Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy of Energy UK. In 2021, she received a fully deserved OBE for her outstanding contribution to the industry.

Audrey worked tirelessly to champion consumer issues and was fearless about challenging industry and policymakers alike to do better for ordinary people. Audrey also gave a lot of time to supporting colleagues in the energy industry with their own career development, particularly young people from diverse or underprivileged backgrounds. This is as much the legacy of her leadership as the changes she made in industry.

Keith MacLean, Chair of the UKERC Advisory Board said: “Audrey will be sadly missed, not only by everyone at UKERC and all her colleagues across the industry, many of whom also became her friends, but also by all those who may never have actually known her, but for whom she fought tirelessly to ensure their voices were heard, their needs understood and treatment fair.”

Read the tribute in full on Energy UK’s website.