The net zero challenge, 2020 and beyond…

28 Nov 2019

In this video, UKERC Director Professor Jim Watson discusses the mission and challenges for UK energy in 2020 and beyond.

Touching on the key research themes and capabilities that the UKERC programme encompasses, he outlines UKERC’s role within the energy community and highlights how urgent action is required from all stakeholders to enact the required change to reach net-zero.

On Monday 9th December we will be launching our Review of Energy Policy 2019, our fourth annual assessment of the government’s policies to reduce emissions and to meet other energy policy goals.

This year’s report will assess progress against the background of the net zero target for 2050 and makes a series of recommendations for the next government. It includes contributions from each of our seven research themes, which will be our focus for the next five years – including heat, industry, transport, local energy and the implications of global changes (including our changing relationship with the EU).

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