Survey: Industry perspective on creating a net zero built environment

24 Jun 2021

“Zero carbon”; “low-impact”; “sustainability”. All used to be buzzwords but are now commonplace in everyday life. Within the built environment, the concept of net zero design has seen growing importance. In recent years, many industry initiatives have been established to provide guidance and create actionable steps for the industry to reach net zero.

We have developed a survey to assess how those involved in the building design process currently incorporate principles of net zero. This survey seeks to gain a greater understanding of the following areas:

  • What is the industry perspective on the transition to a net zero carbon-built environment?
  • What is the current level of understanding of net zero design principles and how are they currently incorporated into the building design process?
  • Are the perspectives on net zero carbon design shared amongst all those involved in the building design process? Do different disciplines have conflicting perspectives that may compromise industry initiatives for impact reductions?

To take the survey click here.

We are keen to see responses from any individual involved in the building design process. The survey is part of ongoing PhD research at the University of Bath that is focused on net zero building design and the use of life cycle assessment within the building design process.  Key findings from the survey will be incorporated into an upcoming journal publication on the industry’s shift to a net-zero design philosophy.

PhD Researcher: Matt Roberts

Lead Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Allen