UKERC welcomes the Skidmore Review

19 Jan 2023

In September 2022, just over a year after the launch of the Net Zero Strategy, the government announced an independent review into the delivery of net zero. Led by former Energy Minister Chris Skidmore MP, the aims of the review were to identify new ways to deliver the legally binding target by 2050 in a way that is pro-business and pro-growth. Specifically it considered:

  • What the most pro-business, pro-growth and economically efficient path to reaching net zero is
  • How to maximise the economic opportunities that the target presents as well as increase innovation, investment, exports and jobs
  • What the economic costs and benefits are associated with new and emerging policies and technologies

Following public consultation and extensive engagement, the Review was published on the 16th January. UKERC was pleased to play a convening role during the evidence gathering period, bringing together experts to discuss key topics.  In November we hosted two round table discussions with the Skidmore Review team and experts from across academia and the third sector to discuss ‘no regrets actions’ for net zero, and ways to support skills and supply chains. This helped inform the Review team and evidence gathered fed into the Review.

Rob Gross, UKERC Director said:

“We welcome the Review and the opportunity that this provided UKERC to use its convening power to elicit evidence and input from key stakeholders.

The Review rightly highlights the multiple opportunities available to the UK by transitioning to net zero and is clear in its unequivocal message that swift climate action is good for economic prosperity.

We hope that the Review will bolster transition efforts already underway and will lead to the development of the necessary policy mechanisms, with the required level of clarity and certainty, to maximise the UK’s opportunities in this space.”