Survey of Sustainable Heating Systems

28 Mar 2023

By Martin Chan.

I am a final year student at Northumbria University and I’m writing up my dissertation which focuses on “The costs and benefits of sustainable heating systems in residential buildings in the UK.” This research aims to identify and recommend suitable sustainable heating systems for residential buildings and take a step closer to reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

The definition of a sustainable heating system is one which is operating with a low carbon emission output by either replacing the energy source with renewable energy or efficiently consuming less non-renewable energy.

My research focuses on the built environment as it is responsible for a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions, particularly as UK residential buildings have low energy performance ratings and account for a large proportion of greenhouse gases from heating.

I am seeking respondents to my online questionnaire who are experienced and knowledgeable in any of the following: residential construction, sustainable heating systems, and carbon assessment in the built environment. The online questionnaire will take approximately 10 minutes.

Participants will not be identified and personal information will be anonymised.

Your participation would be highly appreciated and important for me to gather evidence to write up my dissertation. The link below is the online questionnaire:

Martin Chan is a final-year student studying quantity surveying at Northumbria University.