POWERful Women on the look-out for mid-career women in energy

12 May 2021

POWERful Women are looking for women who are a mid-career professionals in the UK energy sector (or a diversity and inclusion leader working in this space) to help them identify barriers to career progression and solutions for supporting progression to climb the ladder into more senior roles as well as retention of women in the energy sector.

Are you a mid-career professional woman working for a UK-based energy company or aspiring towards middle management? Have you hit a glass ceiling? Are you making good progress to the top? Or perhaps you’re a passionate D&I leader committed to shifting the dial? Your anonymous views will help POWERful Women understand the challenges women face in the energy sector today and form a strategy to enable them to provide better practical diversity and inclusion support to the UK energy companies.

PFW will be conducting interviews to investigate these topics across the next few months. If you would like to be interviewed to support this research mission, please get in touch via grace@powerfulwomen.org.uk. All participants will be kept anonymous.