Opportunity to contribute to DESNZ research on energy efficiency in industry

18 Jan 2024

Ricardo, an environmental and engineering consultancy, is helping the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero to improve the evidence on the potential for energy and carbon savings from energy efficiency (EE) measures and technologies for eight critical sectors of industry (Iron & Steel, Cement, Ceramics, Refining, Paper & Pulp, Chemicals, Glass and Food & Drink) as well as wider industry under the grouping ‘Other Manufacturing’. EE measures and technologies concern machinery and equipment involved in industrial processes, including primary and final energy consumption, as well as energy management and control systems. EE buildings measures such as around building fabric, space heating and lighting are not in scope of this project.

This research will be critical to informing the UK government’s ambition on EE across UK industry, and it will form a key part of the evidence base for the design of future policies on EE, as well as supporting the Climate Change Committee’s work on the Seventh Carbon Budget. Ricardo is interested in identifying academic and other stakeholders who can help inform this work by participating in an interview and follow-up workshop. If you are interested in contributing, then please email desnzindustrialroadmaps@ricardo.com with brief details of your expertise.