Webinar: Public Engagement Observatory

13 Jul 2022

On June 6th we hosted a webinar to introduce the Public Engagement Observatory, which coincided with the launch of their briefing paper and website and open access database.

The event included an introduction to the Public Engagement Observatory and its new website, along with responses from specialists in public engagement with energy and climate change, and a Q&A session. Watch the video of the event below:


  • Prof Jason Chilvers – Professor of Environment and Society at UEA, UKERC Co-Director and Public Engagement Observatory lead
  • Prof Becky Willis – Professor in Energy and Climate Governance, University of Lancaster
  • Prof Jim Watson – Professor of Energy Policy, Director of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
  • Simon Burall – Senior Associate of Involve and Programme Director of Sciencewise
  • Dr Helen Pallett – Lecturer in Human Geography of the Environment at UEA and UKERC Public Engagement Observatory deputy-lead