HM Government: Trusted Research Campaign

28 Apr 2021

When working in partnership it’s important to set up structure and best practice protocol to work smoothly and effectively. As a STEM researcher you’re responsible for due diligence related to your projects and the processes you put in place to protect your work and your reputation. This is especially true when forming new collaborative relationships or considering new projects.

Trusted Research has been created in partnership with academic and industry specialists and is a powerful resource that will give you the tools to ensure the safety of your data.

One of the best places to start when thinking about how to protect your work is identifying the valuable information or IP that will be most vulnerable to theft or misuse by a hostile actor. For most research this IP may not be a cause for concern but research that is commercially sensitive, related to defence or national security technology requires extra vigilance. You need to put in place methods to:

  • Protect raw data
  • Handle personal information securely
  • Check the backgrounds of partners
  • Understand sources of funding and how partners could misuse your research

It is important that you control access to sensitive data, whether that is personal or research data. You should only allow users and partners with a valid requirement to have access to sensitive data, research and other parts of your networks. It’s only by checking regulations and putting in place processes for safe day-to-day practices that you and your research can be safe.

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