CREDS – Project Amplify

16 Dec 2021

Project Amplify was launched during National Anti-Bullying and Harassment week in November, as part of CREDS’ spotlight on equality, diversity and inclusion. The spotlight included two webinars. The first was ‘Inclusive leadership and positive cultures’ and featured voices from both within and outside of energy research to discuss the promotion of healthy working cultures which we at CREDS consider is vital to allow people to contribute their best work. The second was ‘Diverse Voices: Fitting in and standing out’ about how science and research thrive when different backgrounds and experiences are brought into the mix and we heard about some personal experiences of working and building careers in this area from colleagues from different backgrounds.

Once a story has been submitted via the CREDS site it will be sent to our EDI manager who will make sure that it is anonymous and will remove any identifying text. To reassure you, we cannot identify the sender of these stories unless you decide to provide your contact details. At no time will the stories be linked with their sender and we will not hold any personal information that could link the story to the person submitting it. The story will then appear on the Amplify website.

You can continue to submit stories until 31st January 2022.

Visit to share your story and read others.

After January, CREDS will use the stories to build up a picture of the existing culture and try to learn some lessons. These insights will inform our conversations with the energy research community, our institutions and our funders with the aim of improving the situation with regard to workplace bullying and looking at ways to tackle EDI.