COP26: Whole systems research for net zero

07 Oct 2021

With COP26 currently underway, we want to highlight the vital importance of whole-systems expertise for addressing the climate crisis.

Reaching net zero will require significant changes to our energy system that will impact all areas of the economy and society, from how we power industrial processes, to how we heat our homes and move from place to place. Whole-systems research is vital to help us both understand the pathway to net zero, but also how these changes will impact and influence other wider systems.

We have published a series of outputs, and are contributing to a number of activities during COP26 that highlight our whole-systems expertise and how this can feed into net zero decision making. Alongside the activities listed below, UKERC Director Rob Gross will be at COP for energy day, contributing to the UKRI display in the green zone, and attending a number of blue zone events and activities.

Key outputs and topics are listed below: