New energy dataset: CO2 Storage in the UK

24 Oct 2018

The UK Storage Appraisal Project (UKSAP) models are now available in the Energy Data Centre

Objective: The UKSAP’s objective was to provide an estimate of UK CO2 storage capacity in offshore geological formations. This was largely arrived at through modelling representative structures but also by creating ‘exemplar models’ of two specific storage sites, modelled in proprietary Eclipse and Petrel software.

Dataset 1: The exemplar models of the Bunter and Forties sites have now been made available by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) in the UKERC Energy Data Centre here.

Dataset 2: The full UKSAP results are available in the CO2Stored database which is an Energy Data Centre linked dataset here.

UK Storage Appraisal Project (UKSAP)

Modelling: Most storage reservoirs were modeled as simplified representative structures. Detailed reservoir simulation models known as Exemplar Models were created for two sites, Bunter and Forties. Both were modeled with proprietary geological simulation software Eclipse and Petrel.

Credits: British Geological Survey, Durham University, Element Energy Ltd, GeoPressure Technology Ltd, Geospatial Research Ltd, Heriot-Watt University, Imperial College London, RPS Energy Ltd, Senergy Ltd and University of Edinburgh