Published 20 December 2022

The Review of Energy Policy 2022 focused on the energy crisis and explored the impact that volatile prices have had on the energy sector and society.

Covering five key areas, it reviewed developments over 2022 and highlighted issues that need attention in 2023.

Topic areas covered included:

  • Resilience and preparedness
  • Energy efficiency and affordability
  • Impacts on industry
  • Impacts on mobility
  • UK and EU co-operation

Speakers: Rob Gross, UKERC Director; Mike Bradshaw, Warwick Business School and UKERC Co-Director; Ahmed Gailani, University of Leeds; Caroline Kuzemko, University of Warwick; Keith MacLean, outgoing UKERC Advisory Board Chair; Dhara Vyas, Energy UK; Ragne Low, Scottish Government; Keith Bell, University of Strathclyde and UKERC Co-Director.