SBRI Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition Stream 1 Phase 1

The Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 (HYS2) competition is the follow on from the highly successful Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply (HS1) competition and aims to accelerate the development of a wide range of innovative low-carbon hydrogen supply solutions to enable development of a hydrogen economy compatible with net zero targets.

The Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 competition is split into two streams: Stream 1 and Stream 2. HYS2 Stream 1 will be for market entry solutions at Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 4-6 and HYS2 Stream 2 will be for more mature solutions/technologies at TRLs 6/7 (HS1 was a single stream competition open to TRL 4-7 technologies). Stream 1 and Stream 2 are independent competitions in legal terms, and each has its own separate pre-commercial procurement process.

Stream 1 aims to identify, support and then develop credible innovative hydrogen supply or enabling technologies to bring about a step change in their development.

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Closing date: 9 Aug 2021