RFQ for an environmental and climate change assessment (Method Review)

Over the past 5 years Cefas and other UK (United Kingdom) partners have been working with governments, academia, and NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) in Official Development Assistance (ODA) countries to develop improved capacity in environmental protection, aquatic animal health, Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR), food safety and security, collectively under the banner of One Health.

Cefas are now coordinating a UK ODA research and development project that aims to develop a risk analysis tool that places hazard identification and control at the heart of sustainable food system design. For the first time, it will connect disparate food sectors on land and water to take a holistic view of the whole food system, moving to climate-resilient, safer, healthier, and more sustainable global nutrition.

The new tool will systematically map data to calculate the impact of complex hazards interacting with the whole food system to demonstrate how hazard control catalyses benefits in terms of yield, profit, trade and biodiversity protection in environments where food production occurs, to enable more climate-efficient food sectors.

The project seeks to bring together methods focussed on food sector hazards with methods focussed on environmental and climate change assessment. The aim of this part of the project is to identify and appraise available environmental and climate change assessment methods for their suitability as components of the risk analysis tool.

The requirement is to undertake a comprehensive literature/information review and objective appraisal of available approaches for assessing environmental and climate impacts of human activities.

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Closing date: 11 Jul 2022