Residential Archetypes Dataset

We are currently preparing our advice for the Seventh Carbon Budget (CB7) and the Fourth Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA4), both due in 2025.

• CB7 will set a limit on the UK’s territorial emissions over the years 2038 to 2042. Our advice will inform what that level should be; and the budget will then be voted on by Parliament to give it the force of law. At the core of our advice will be a pathway for UK emissions from now to 2050, based on modelling of realistic abatement strategies across the economy.

• CCRA4 will provide an update of the priority risks and opportunities for the UK as it experiences the effects of a changing climate today and in the years to come. It will set out how these risks are linked across society and the benefits of actions that can be taken to reduce these risks. Our independent advice will provide priority actions for the Government and others to build resilience in the UK.

Buildings are an important sector in both reports; they account for 17% of direct emissions in the UK and face risks from a changing climate, such as flooding and overheating.

To inform our work we intend to build models which enable us to generate credible pathways for eliminating emissions from homes and assess the scope for adapting homes to a changing climate.

We require a contractor to produce the archetypes dataset to be used in these models. This dataset will be a key input into our models and will need to provide a valid representation of the UK’s 28 million existing homes.

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Closing date: 12 Oct 2023