Research to improve UK economic productivity

This funding opportunity is part of the ESRC’s strategic priority of significantly extending the understanding of productivity in the UK and finding ways to to improve it. The ESRC is looking to fund between four and six projects that add to the portfolio of ongoing productivity research funded by the Strategic Priorities Fund.

Projects will be funded between £1 million and £2 million at 100% fEC (ESRC funding at 80%).

Projects should be multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary or both, providing clear evidence of an ability to generate impact and address currently under-researched themes.

Areas that the ESRC’s expert advisory group identified as particularly under-researched in relation to improving UK productivity are:

  • diversity
  • net zero and the green economy
  • financial markets.

This list is not exhaustive and applications are welcome in other areas that have the potential to improve UK productivity. The ESRC would welcome proposals that explore productivity through different and new lenses not covered by existing research projects.

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Closing date: 7 Oct 2021