Pushing the frontiers of environmental science research: Jan 2023

This opportunity supports researchers’ curiosity and imagination to enable discoveries that unlock new knowledge with a degree of adventure previously unrealised.

NERC are seeking to invest in our best environmental researchers to be truly adventurous and ambitious in the pursuit of curiosity-driven, high-risk and high-reward projects.

They’re looking for proposals that can support pure, applied, technology-led or policy-driven research but still address, or provide the means to address, clearly-defined scientific questions.

NERC welcomes, and is increasingly supporting, multi and interdisciplinary research, designed, supported and delivered in partnership with other research funders and research users. The research must sit predominantly within NERC’s research areas.

If you have any queries about the remit, please email nercremit@nerc.ukri.org

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Closing date: 17 Jan 2023