NGB Environmental Sustainability Support

UKS’s 2021-31 Strategic Plan outlines that “we will harness the power and platform of sport to drive positive change across wellbeing, diversity, inclusion and sustainability; walking the walk and using our voice to inspire others to act.” UKS are due to publish their Environmental Sustainability Strategy, outlining the actions to be taken over the next two years to set a strong foundation, identify the greatest impacts across high-performance sport and drive progress in these areas.

A key component of this strategy will be providing support and guidance to the ~40 NGBs into which UKS invests to measure their environmental impact and to produce environmental sustainability action plans for their organisation by 31 March 2025, which align with the ambition set out in the UN’s Sports for Climate Action Framework.

The main objective is to accelerate action in this space, building the capacity, skills and confidence of NGBs to work on environmental sustainability and embed long term changes. Within the cohort of NGBs in which we invest there is a mix of paralympic sports, winter sports, newer sports and performance-only focused organisations.

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Closing date: 17 Apr 2023