Net Zero Transport for a Resilient Future Research Hub

Establish the Net Zero Transport for a Resilient Future Research Hub, focusing on climate adaptation and mitigation solutions for our transport system across modalities and landscapes.

You must:

  • be based at a research organisation eligible for UKRI funding
  • build a co-created interdisciplinary research consortium with stakeholders
  • network within academia, industry, policymakers and third sectors
  • demonstrate at least £2 million of matched funding from project partners at application stage and a plan to increase this to £12.5 million during the lifetime of the hub

A joint programme between UKRI and DfT as part of the UKRI ‘building a green future’ strategic theme.

UKRI and DfT will fund one £10 million hub at 80% of the full economic cost (FEC).

The hub has a fixed start date of 1 September 2023 and can run for up to 43 months.

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Closing date: 25 Apr 2023