Net Zero Emissions Progress Monitoring and Action Plan Prioritisation and Monitoring

Mid Sussex District Council (the Council) invites tenders for the provision of a) an emissions progress monitoring report to update progress against the initial emissions baseline of 2019/20; b) further development of our net zero action plan and development of a pathway analysis and c) a dashboard as set out in these documents.

The Commencement Date for the delivery of the services is scheduled to be on 20th March 2024 at 00:00 hours. The Contract will be awarded for a period of one year until 20th March 2025, with an option to extend for a further 6 month period subject to performance and the absolute discretion of the Council. Please be advised it is anticipated the 6 month extension would be utilised for time purposes only, not for additional work being required.

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Closing date: 29 Feb 2024