NERC Pushing the Frontiers

NERC invites proposals from the most outstanding individual researchers at the cutting edge of environmental science to pursue curiosity-driven, ambitious, high-reward research in the environmental science domain.

Researchers are invited to submit proposals that will push the frontiers of knowledge and lead to ground-breaking, innovative scientific discovery. Grants will be awarded to an individual (Principal Investigator), who can use the funds flexibly to involve other investigators and researchers as the research requires.

Through this scheme, NERC wishes to fund outstanding individuals who can demonstrate a capability to deliver risky, ground-breaking science. This scheme welcomes applications from Early Career Researchers (ECRs). Applicants can apply as an ECR if, at the closing date of the call, they are in post less than 5 years from the start of their first permanent position. Applicants can also apply from when they have an in-principle offer of a permanent position, which will enable individuals who are undertaking fellowships to be eligible as an ECR for this call from a point where they are offered a permanent position, if sooner. The 5 years excludes career breaks and the applicant can have received other grant funding.

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Closing date: 21 Jul 2020