Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research 2022

The British Academy is inviting proposals for projects which focus on the question, “what is a good city?”

The “good city” evokes the good life; however, urban citizens often live with ill health, pollution, poor living conditions, fear, anxiety, isolation, crime and helplessness. How can urban life maintain and repair human wellbeing and mental health rather than the opposite? What anticipatory intelligence, social inclusion, political process and health provision should the good city have? What social, political, economic, and cultural values are embedded in urban policymaking? The Academy encourages applications that address questions such as these.

The Academy is not prescriptive in how cities are explored and in fact, encourages broad and innovative interpretations of the question, “What is a good city?” and how this question relates to international questions and challenges. Applications are encouraged to bring together different communities of expertise, for example academic, professional, business, lay, or community. Projects could bring together different forms of collaboration, between lived experience, modelling and data science.

The purpose of each project will be to develop new international research ideas. Projects will also need to demonstrate an innovative and interdisciplinary partnership between researchers in the social sciences or the humanities on the one hand, and counterparts in the natural, engineering and / or medical sciences on the other. The Academy is looking to fund applications that break new ground in the collaborations – international and interdisciplinary – they support, and the research they aim to undertake. The Academy particularly encourages applications led by scholars in the humanities.

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Closing date: 29 Sep 2021