Future-proofing plants to a changing climate: stage two

Apply for research grant funding towards future proofing plants for a changing climate. Applicants to Stage 2 must have been invited from Stage 1 of the funding opportunity process.

Your proposal must involve researchers based in the UK, USA and Germany.

UK applicants must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for BBSRC funding.

German investigators must be eligible for DFG funding.

USA investigators must be eligible for NSF or USDA-NIFA funding.

Applicants may request between:

  • £300,000 to £800,000 (80% full economic cost (FEC)) for the UK component
  • €300,000 to €800,000 for the German component
  • $300,000 to $800,000 for the USA component

The duration of your project can be up to three years.

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Closing date: 22 May 2024