Equality, diversity and inclusion in the energy research community

Working towards a diverse, equitable and inclusive research community will lead to a better-informed research programme. This fact is recognised and embedded across UKRI, with EDI being a core tenet of the corporate plan and, more locally, of EPSRC’s delivery plan.

Both UKRI and EPSRC have central teams to work on strategies and activities in this domain, however it is essential that all parts of the organisation are working to achieve positive change in this space. As such the Energy team has put together an action plan to support and complement the efforts of the centralised UKRI and EPSRC EDI teams.

The Energy theme has identified three core approaches to EDI that are relevant to our practices and spheres of influence. Our three primary spheres of influence are:

  • ensuring the independence of the peer review system and ensuring diverse panels and advisory streams. This includes making sure that we reach and interact with the broadest spectrum of academics and research professionals in the energy space
  • supporting and encouraging positive EDI work in our investments and the wider academic community
  • ensuring that our funded research is responsible and clearly addresses and engages with issues such as energy justice and intersectionality, thereby:
    • promoting responsible innovation
    • ensuring that the views, cultures and realities of many are reflected in both research and policy
    • creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

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Closing date: 4 Nov 2021